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Gebo Fasteners is a specialized wholesaler in fastening materials for the building industry in Europe among other things. From our 3500 m² warehouse we supply steel and stainless-steel fasteners to steel and concrete construction, construction works, ground- and road construction and hydraulic engineering, guide rail, offshore, machine and metalware factories, installation technology and agrotechnology.

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Our Product Range

Gebo Fasteners carries a very extensive range of steel and stainless steel fasteners. We have all standard sizes and intermediate sizes in stock, in our pride 3500 m² warehouse in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We also have gloss and hot dip galvanized, ISO fitting and oversized in stock. We also have a handy stock of related products such as screws, washers and other associated accessories. Our mission is: you ask, we deliver. Every day of the week (monday to friday). We are also highly skilled in making and supplying materials that have a different shape or special dimensions. Those special dimensions we saw in our own workshop. So if you need a custom product, don't hesitate to call us. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry and the knowledge, we are always able to deliver your specials according to your wishes. Challenge us!

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Our promises

fastening materials in standard and intermediate sizes Even intermediate
sizes in stock

Standard in our stock we carry sizes 100 - 120 - 140 and so on. Good to know that we always have all intermediate sizes, such as 110 - 130 - 150 in stock.

Largest sorting stud bolts in the Netherlands Largest sorting stud bolts
in the Netherlands

We call ourselves the most involved supplier of fastening materials for construction. We have the largest range of stud bolts in stock in the Netherlands.

fastening materials with certificate QUALITY PRODUCTS

Gebo Fasteners only supplies high-quality products. All materials we supply are equipped with an authorized quality certificate. This way you know that you always work with safe, approved materials in construction.

fastening materials know how Use our knowledge
of fastening materials

As a rule, we have everything in stock. And if we don't have it, we'll know exactly where we can still get it for you. We know the market inside out. You can always contact us for all fastening materials.

custom-made fastening materials Materials with special shape
or different dimensions

Do you need fasteners in a special shape or with different dimensions? No problem! If you order it from us, you have three options: 1) we have it in stock 2) we make it to size 3) we know exactly where we can get it for you.

family business wholesaler fastening materials Concerned family business
with common sense

Gebo Fasteners has been a family business for over 20 years: accessible, friendly and service-oriented, that's what it is and who we are. No more and no less. We love every question about fasteners. Feel free to call us.

Special wishes or custom-made fastening materials?

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